Help us to provide the services needed to transform youth’s lives and change the homophobic and transphobic environments in which they live. There are many ways to show your support of YPI and the work we do. We hope you’ll consider donating money, time, or  stuff to YPI today! And thanks. Every donation makes a difference.

I walked in the door and knew I was done with hospitals. I had found my people.

Donate Money

We greatly appreciate monetary donations; the generosity of our friends and supporters makes up almost one-third of our budget and allows us to cover operating expenses throughout the year.

Donate Time

Some people give most generously of themselves by sharing their time and talents. If you would like to help YPI in this way, please click here to find out about current volunteer opportunities and how to get involved.

Donate Stuff

YPI always needs in kind donations to keep our basic needs pantry full. Click below for a list of Basic needs items we’d love.

  • Non perishable food for our pantry  
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables so our youth can have healthy food options
  • Gift cards to restaurants (fast) and supermarkets
  • Deodorant, Razors, Feminine products, Shaving Cream, Hair Gel, Shampoo etc.
  • Paper products and cleaning supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning solutions, sponges
  • RIPTIKS (bus tickets) so that young people can come to YPI more frequently. Purchase them online HERE
  • Art and craft supplies (acrylic paints & brushes, drawing paper, blank canvases sketchbooks, colored pencils, beaded jewelry supplies, etc.)

If you have something else that you think we’d like, please email us.

Host a Fundraising Event

Fundraising Events can be any fundraising initiative brought forward by an individual, community group, business, and/or an employee, who wishes to raise money for YPI through a planned activity that is designed and managed by you. We welcome these as they allow us to think less about fundraising and more about youth programming. Examples can include a Dress Down Day, Bake Sale, Bingo Night, Car Wash, House Party, Golf Tournament, Walk-A-Thon, Concert, or Yard Sale. Or perhaps you can think of something else. Thanks!

Thank You Photo copyYour Tax-deductible donation helps YPI put this mission into action:

1. Providing one-on-one counseling, health and mental care referrals.

2. Offering support groups, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, sexuality education, and safer sex supplies.

3. Holding LGBTQQ trainings.

4. Hosting social and educational events.

5. Serving as a safer space for LGBTQ youth to grow up feeling empowered and valued.